In 1955 Mattheos Koukas, grandfather of the engineering graduate Mattheos Koukas who is now heavily involved in the family business, combining his entrepreneurial mindset with his specific technical knowledge began manufacturing marble processing machines. Three years later, in 1958, he becomes the first ever manufacturer of a diamond cutting disc in Greece, the cutter which gradually replaced the emery cutting disc.


In 1976 Mattheos’s son, Dimitris Koukas, completes hisstudies as an engineer and takes on an active role in the family business. His contribution to the production of marble processing machines was decisive, since aside from the already known models, new machines for more and more specified areas of focus are now manufactured. Our factory developed a substantial part of the special equipment which was used in the restoration of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, the Theater of Dionysus below the Acropolis and the ancient walls of the port of Piraeus as well as the restoration of the Parthenon, the Propylaea, and the Temple of Athena Nike of Athens’s Acropolis.


Throughout the many years of his professional course, Dimitris Koukas always concerned himself with the modernization of his machines by making use of expertise from manufacturers located all over the world. These efforts are what led him to the design of a PLC copy cutter. In addition, since 2007, he is in cooperation with factories located in China, from which he imports machines that are manufactured according to EU specifications and standards.


Furthermore, the business has a strong presence in the markets of the Far East, as well as the markets of America, Turkey, Egypt, Poland, Romania, Albania and Cyprus. The high demand for “Koukas” machines is due to the fact that they combine high quality with affordable prices.

Dimitris Koukas now aims to safeguard the high standards of quality and credibility of the family business in the field of marble processing machines. That is the reason he has entrusted it to his son, Mattheos Koukas, a graduate from the department of engineering, who promises to be a worthy successor to the previous generations. With his predecessors as role models, he sets the bar high for himself, and takes on the role of not only preserving but also of further expanding and developing the oldest manufacturing business of marble processing machines in Greece.