More than 60 years of experience and expertise
With countless specialized constructions ...
...we create according to your needs!

With more than 60 years of experience
in the field of marble work, we are always by your side!

About us

We document your needs, then
plan and implement
the best possible solutions.

Our history ...

... started at 1955
In 1955 Mattheos Koukas, grandfather of the engineering graduate Mattheos Koukas who is now heavily involved in the family business, combining his entrepreneurial mindset with his specific technical knowledge began manufacturing marble processing machines. Three years later, in 1958, he becomes the first ever manufacturer of a diamond cutting disc in Greece, the cutter which gradually replaced ..

Our services


We are able to undertake the design and manufacturing of specialized marble or rock processing machines.


After careful study or your work environment and conditions, we carry out the complete and optimal installation of any marble or rock processing machine.

Service - Repair

We are able to undertake the repair and maintenance of any type of marble or rock processing machine and even its modification for maximized performance.