• When does a machine need maintenance?

    For safety reasons and in order to ensure a high level of performance from a machine it is advisable that a skilled technician performs maintenance work on the machine once every two years. However, if at any point you hear “unusual” sounds while the machine is in operation you should seek the opinion of a maintenance technician.
  • What should the operator of a machine do, if he hears an “odd” noise?

    You should immediately stop using the machine in order to avoid damaging it any further and call a skilled technician.
  • Why does the circuit breaker turn off while a machine is in operation?

    There is some electrical fault, which requires investigation. You should not insist on operating the machine by turning the circuit breaker back on.
  • I have noticed that the machine’s performance has diminished. What is the cause of this?

    If you notice that your machine is not operating at peak performance you may contact our call center to receive guidance or request that a skilled technician be dispatched at your workplace to diagnose and fix any potential malfunctions.
  • Why should you choose a machine made in Greece?

    We advise you to choose a machine made in Greece because: a) the machines manufactured in Greece are of the highest quality, b) there is quick response if any problems occur while operating the machine, c) the maintenance and repair costs are significantly lower, since you would not have to call a technician from abroad and d) the amount of time required to resolve the problem is lessened.
  • Is it possible to switch between maintenance companies?

    Yes, you can switch between maintenance companies if you are for any reason dissatisfied by their services (e.g. the quality of the services offered or the ensuing cost).
  • Do you provide repair guarantee?

    Since 1981 every repair we undertake is registered in our files. In fact we can provide you with a one year good function guarantee for every machine or part that is repaired or serviced by us.
  • What do I have to do in order to maintain a machine in good working condition?

    In order to ensure a machine’s continued good function, there are some maintenance procedures you should follow on regular intervals. The manufacturer of the machine will provide you with precise and detailed instructions regarding these maintenance procedures.
  • How can I keep a machine in the best possible working condition?

    You should meticulously clean any sediment residues from a machine every time you finish working and you should not leave any pieces of marble on a machine, since they increase oxidation. Furthermore, the room where a machine is stored should be adequately ventilated in order to avoid any damage caused by humidity.
  • Can I repair my machines on my own?

    You should not attempt to repair a machine by yourself, because you may inadvertently harm some other part of the machine as well, thus further damaging it.