Our company aims to provide outstanding service of the highest degree to our customers, both domestic and abroad.

We have skilled workforce that undertakes the construction, installation, maintenance and repair of all types of marble or rock machines.

We are always available to help you solve any problem you encounter, even provide solutions by phone. Our many years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering can guarantee excellent technical support whenever you may need it.


We are able to undertake the design and manufacturing of specialized marble or rock processing machines.


After careful study or your work environment and conditions, we carry out the complete and optimal installation of any marble or rock processing machine.

Service - Repair

We are able to undertake the repair and maintenance of any type of marble or rock processing machine and even its modification for maximized performance.

Special Constructions

Our many years of experience have provided us with the ability to design and manufacture extremely specialized machinery with additional/ removable specific components, so that they may be modified for use according to your needs.

  • marble grates for pools,
  • columns, (column) capitals, vases,
  • handles for moving and lifting small bulks of marble,
  • cargo moving tools.